Site ready

Is your site ready?

In order for our expert installation engineer to install your newly-purchased lifting equipment, it’s important to confirm that all the pre-installation and site preparation requirements are complete.

How Do I Prepare For Installation?

To enable new equipment to be installed on your premises a site ready form must be completed. This will help reduce any downtime, additional costs, or additional work to be completed prior to the installation taking place.

Site & Floor Requirements

Concrete floor depth must exceed 200mm, with a level equipment footprint. Concrete must be able to withstand drilling to this depth.

If you are unsure of your site and floor suitability, please contact one of our experts who will be able to assist.

Electrical Requirements

A suitable electrical isolator should be made available adjacent to where the equipment is to be fitted and within close proximity of the final position. The engineer will temporarily connect the equipment, but a permanent connection will be required by a qualified electrician, employed by the customer. During our initial contact we will explain any electrical requirements for your equipment purchase. If you are unsure or would like any additional information, please contact one of our experts who will be able to assist.

Location of Equipment

Please ensure that you have decided on the final equipment location and there is sufficient roof height and the area is suitable.

Load Testing

If a load test is required on a vehicle lift, a suitable vehicle should be made available at the time of installation with a traceable weighbridge certificate (please ask for a quotation).


A member of the service department will contact you regarding the most suitable date for delivery and installation of your equipment. On delivery of the equipment, the items should be off loaded, adjacent to final installation position.

Completion of Installation

Our experts will ensure you equipment is installed to your requirements as quickly as possible. Some assistance may be required with moving heavy parts and in some cases a fork list may be required.

Customer Expectations

With our experts, you’re guaranteed quick, professional instalments. Some assistance may be required with heavy parts, including, in some cases, a fork-lift.

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