Diagnostics In The Golden Hour


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Diagnostics In The Golden Hour


Our Pricing

Trade £595.00
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Diagnostics In The Golden Hour

With a limited time available to assess, communicate, diagnose problem vehicles, it is critical to have a great process.

Diagnostics In The Golden Hour is aimed at technicians, who want to be more accurate and faster with reaching a correct diagnostic conclusion.

The primary goals of Diagnostics In The Golden Hour training is to ensure that your diagnostic processes are in good shape and that your technical approach to vehicle diagnostics is the best it can be (covering diagnostic equipment, critical thinking skills, test and measurement techniques and fault-finding strategies).

You will be encouraged to develop a highly effective diagnostic process which can be adapted to suit your own personal situation and a variety of vehicles and fault conditions.

We will get hands-on in the workshop to practice on some faulty vehicles, to ensure that you return to work with useful skills which you can use the very next day.

Turn your diagnostic processes GOLDEN!

Course Content

More Detailed Information

Diagnostics in the Golden Hour will show you techniques, principles and processes to ensure that you profit from diagnostics. This course will take you through our unique approach to fault finding required to be successful in diagnostics.

We will help build your skills, knowledge and experience and give you several important ‘take-aways’ from the course, including some very good analysis tools and techniques. These will be used during the course and can be refined further upon your return to work.

The practical aspects of vehicle diagnostics is key and we will work through several faulty vehicles during the course. We will focus on critical thinking and analysis skills, diagnostic strategies supporting symptom analysis, diagnostic processes, component test and measurement, appropriate diagnostic tool selection, reliable sources of technical data, access to and use of dealer level diagnostics.

The Diagnostics In The Golden Hour course has been designed to enhance both your diagnostic performance. This course will ensure that you’re the best you can be.

During the course you will cover:

  • Critical thinking and analysis
  • Fault finding strategies
  • Diagnostic techniques
  • Component test and measurement
  • Relevant and robust information sources
  • Appropriate tool selection
  • Diagnostic routines

Length: 2 days


There aren't currently any dates available for this course. New dates will be coming soon, please check back later.

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